Friday, February 27, 2009

Works in progress...

Just thought I'd post some unfinished things that I be liking.
I was doodling this in directing class... and used it as a base for my layout assignment.
This one I'm QUITE happy with the background... since i always seem to fail at integrating characters and bgs. I shall hopefully finish it in the next week.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Only half a year late...

Now that the time of horrid blundering is nearing its end, I thought maybe I should start this thing up.

Just a little dump of Life Drawings that i'm somewhat happy with~

And here's my quadruped Final animation. I chose Altivo from The Road to El Dorado, a movie which deserves a lot more than what it got. Anyway, I really enjoy the character, so I really enjoyed the doing the animation... and all those frames didn't seem like so much. Perhaps I will clean this up.... eventually... though eventuallys don't usually go through..

now let's see if I can keep on top of this place....