Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I remembered how to draw

So after not drawing everyday for a while... it kind of felt like i forgot how to.

And then pokemon came back into my life and I designed a human version of the Pokemon Leafeon for my friend. I ended up making 3 versions until she liked how it came out.

Just some crappy photos with colours added in photoshop:
I've also tried to get back into my story that I wrote my script for with Bill ... and did my final design package first semester for. I ended up tweeking the design a bit more but I like this pic that I did of my main character, Kage, for my story:


  1. YAY you finally posted :DDD

    Ugh that last post is so kickawesome I can't even

  2. whoooa rubber hose limbs, SWEET (maybe that wasn't your intention but I LOVE rubber hose animaiton!)