Wednesday, February 3, 2010

one MILLION things to post

Oh man, so I haven't really posted anything yet this semester, but So far so good. The stress of graduating in May is slowly settling in, with all these big independent projects starting under way. Not to mention the Olympics getting in the way. Daaaaamn youuuuu, why does my school have to become a parking lot? No access to the facilities during that time. I guess I'll just have to do more designy stuff at home instead.

Anyway, a whole whack of stuff I've done in the past month or so~

Some life drawings:

and some design stuff from sketchbooks:

Sorry, super long post is super duper long.


  1. You mean it's super duper awesome! Love the cute kid/king with amazing nippley hands! And your life drawing is rocksome

  2. I loooove the shading on the chief/cook blob man.